My ACNL mayor looks like an acorn and I LOVE IT

gettin’ twiggy with it

(art trade w/ nannu-crossing!! thank you so much for trading! ; v ; )


its realyl sloppy and messy bc i jsut didnt…nkow what to do…BUT THANKYOU EVERYONE WHO CAME!!!!!

if i decided to stream one day, would anyone be interested in coming?



imagine if there were Furby villagers



in Adolino 
full picture

Anonymous asks: uuuu whats your town map? /hugs tight//

aahhh gosh sorry it took me so long to respond. ; v ; but here’s my map! the current project right now is a second bridge. 

rips out hair

i left my game w/o saving and i didn’t get a chance to plot reset and now yuka is moving in right in front of the town hall


no no nO


common butterflies

i made gere’s bun way too huge in that last doodle

before you know it a talking bun will be the mayor of dumpling


One of our local Aristocrats as an Animal Crossing deer! Snooty type of course, with the full rococo set..probably in black. Fancy aristocratic deer. 

doodled this is geology, height differences whoop \ o /


I probably will make a acnl blog soon… lately I draw a lot of it. 
A yeah! Zell is my fav in my village. I always go to him when I don’t feel good, ahaha.


tuesdays gang is now complete!!!

bear needs a job but its hard for bird to give one since she doesnt really answer the questions ´_>“

Anonymous asks: thanks so much for that, I really didn't want to reset my town but i wanted a different one so my mum suggested getting a second copy but i didn't know if that was gonna work, so thanks for letting me know that it does!!!! ^-^ btw your blog layout is the best :3

no problem, always happy to help! o/ let me know if you have any more questions, alright sweetie~? and enjoy your second town!!

(and thank you, my theme was made by a fellow acnl blogger; tuesdaytown!)